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The Center for Microbiome Sciences & Therapeutics (CMiST), part of the UW Medicine’s Department of Medicine and Division of Gastroenterology, is a scientific research center committed to understanding the dynamic interactions between the microbiome and our own human cells, to advancing the development of microbiome-based biotherapeutics to treat or prevent disease, and to educating the community about the importance of the microbiome in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To accomplish these goals, CMiST has established relationships with world class clinicians, scientists, and educators that span biomedical and basic science departments as well as the arts.

With access to a brand new germ-free animal facility, services devoted to understanding host-microbial and microbial-microbial interactions, and an environment that promotes scientific rigor, fosters creativity, believes in the value of arts in science, and celebrates out-of-the-box thinking, CMiST will be a beacon for translational microbiome research.  For additional information about CMiST and the full suite microbiome services we offer, called Batch ID, visit our website at or email us at

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Amy Parker
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For Dr. William DePaolo

Associate Professor | Medicine
Lynn M. & Michael D. Garvey Endowed Chair | Gastroenterology
Director | Center for Microbiome Sciences & Therapeutics (CMiST)

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