CMiST's Vivo Art has a new artist-in-residence


Introducing: Tyler Fox, PhD

Human Centered Design & Engineering
University of Washington

Tyler is an artist, researcher, technologist, and educator. His work focuses on the ways in which nonhuman relations shape our experience of, and relationship to, the surrounding world. His teaching fosters interdisciplinary research by nourishing student-centered projects that incorporate critical theory into practice-based research. He will be joining the lab at the end of this month.

The project: Microbial Voices

Introducing Tyler Fox.png

Tyler Fox and CMiST crossed paths at the UW School of Art + Art History + Design in the spring of 2017 after an art and science seminar given by CMiST director, Will DePaolo, and the current CMiST artist-in-residence. Tyler’s work explores the interaction of technology with a given biological process. In his current project, Fermentum, Tyler uses sensors to sonify the real-time fermentation of kimchi and sauerkraut. Obviously, Tyler and CMiST were a sound pairing!

During fermentation, competition between the bacteria occurs, where only one survives. In addition to the sugars, alcohols, gases, etc. that are produced during this process, sound is created. Using a few basic pieces of equipment, Tyler records these sounds. Using CMiST’s Clinical Microbiome service, Tyler will identify the bacteria left standing. We are interested to find out if bacteria have their own unique sounds.

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