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If you are part of the UW, or any of the UW affiliated institutions, and would like to become a CMiST member or an affliate member, please complete the corresponding form below.


CMiST Member

  • Be an active participant and attendee at CMiST events including seminars, workshops, annual symposium, etc.
  • Contribute to our annual progress report with updates on your microbiome research successes
  • Actively pursue meaningful collaborations across out budding CMiST community
  • Utilize our services

In addition to completing the form below, please email CMiST program manager, Amy Parker, a high resolution photo of yourself (PNG or JPG) for the member page.

For all CMiST members, a brief profile will be created on our Current Members page.

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CMiST Affiliate

  • Interested in microbiome research
  • Interested in CMiST seminars and symposiums
  • Interested in possibly collaborating with CMiST members

CMiST affiliates will be listed by name on our member page under affiliates.

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