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Members & Affiliate Members

anne stevens.png

Anne Stevens, MD
Seattle Children's Hospital
Interim Chief, Rheumatology

Research: Pediatric. Immunity. Oral. Fecal. Intervention.


amy willis.png

Amy Willis, PhD
UW, School of Public Health
Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics

Research: Experimental design. Diversity estimation. Diversity analysis. Hierarchical modeling. Mathematical phylogenetics

david beck.png

David Beck, PhD
UW Research Associate Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering
Director of Research, eScience Institute, Life Sciences
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor,
Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering

Research: Metagenomics. Systems Biology. Gut. Oral. Environment.

eric strachan.png

Eric D. Strachan, PhD
UW, School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Research: Depression. Chronic Pain. Stress. Twins. Immune System.

heather jaspan.png

Heather Jaspan, PhD
UW, School of Public Health
Department of Global Health
Associate Professor, Global Health
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Research: HIV/AIDS. Host-pathogen interactions. Immunizations. Infectious Diseases. Child and adolescent health.

jeff mclean.png

Jeffrey S. McClean, PhD
UW, School of Dentistry
Associate Professor, Department of Periodontics
Associate Professor, Department of Oral Health Sciences
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology

Research: Oral. Microbiome. Biofilms. Metatranscriptomics. Microbial dark matter.


sam minot.png

Samuel Minot, PhD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Staff Scientist

Research: Metagenomics. Bioinformatics. Reproducible Computing. Gut Microbiome.

jisun paik.png

Jisun Paik, PhD
UW, Department of Comparative Medicine
Research Assistant Professor

Research: Obesity. Nutrition. Inflammatory bowel disease. Colon cancer. Microbiome.

john inadomi.png

John Inadomi, MD
UW School of Medicine
Department of Medicine
Cyrus E. Rubin Endowed Chair in Medicine
Professor of Medicine and Head, Division of Gastroenterology

Research: Comparative effectiveness research. Colorectal cancer. Barrett's esophagus.

julia cui.png

Julia Yue Cui, PhD
UW, School of Public Health
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
Sheldon D. Murphy Endowed Chair in Toxicology and Environmental Health

Research: Gut. Microbiome. Drug metabolizing enzymes. Liver. Nuclear receptors.

judd walson.png

Judd Walson,MD, MPH
UW, School of Public Health
Department of Global Health Professor, Global Health
Professor, Medicine, Allergy and Infectious Disease
Professor, Pediatrics
Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology

Research: Epidemiology. Child and Adolescent health. HIV/AIDS. Neglected tropical diseases.


kathy high.png

Kathy High
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Professor of Video and New Media
Department of Arts

Research: Inflammatory bowel disease. Microbiome. Organoids.

laura den hartigh.png

Laura den Hartigh, PhD
UW, School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Division Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition

Research: Adipocytes. Obesity. Gut microbiota. Macrophages. Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

margaret heitkemper.png

Margaret Heitkemper,
UW, School of Nursing
Elizabeth Sterling Soule Chair in Nursing
Professor & Chair, Department of Behavioral Nursing & Health Informatics
Director, Center for Research on Management of Sleep Disturbances
Affiliate Professor, Division of GI

Research: Irritable bowel syndrome. Pain. Symptoms. Women’s health. Sleep.

neel dey.png

Neelendu Dey, MD
Fred Hutch
Cancer Research Center
Assistant Member
Assistant Professor, UW Medicine, Gastroenterology

Research: Metagenomics / metabolomics. Colorectal cancer. Enteric nervous system. Bile acid metabolism. Gnotobiotic models.

patty pavlinac.png

Patricia Pavlinac, PhD, MS
UW, School of Public Health
Assistant Professor, Department of Global Health
Assistant Director, Global Center for Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents, & Children (Global WACh)

Research: Pediatrics. Enteric Infections. Diarrheal disease.
Host-pathogen interaction. Microbiome.

piper treuting.png

Piper Treuting, DVM, MS
UW, School of Medicine
Associate Professor & Chair
Department of Comparative Medicine

Research: Comparative pathology. Translational medicine. Preclinical research. Inflammatory dowel disease. Animal models

william depaolo.png

R. William DePaolo, PhD
UW, School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Medicine
Lynn M. & Michael D. Garvey Endowed Chair, GI
Director, CMiST

Research: Inflammatory bowel disease. Intestinal diseases. Metabolism. Infection. Immunity.

sean gibbons.png

Sean Gibbons, PhD
Institute for Systems Biology
Assistant Professor

Research: Microbial systems. Ecology. Evolution.

stacey meeker.png

Stacey Meeker, PhD
UW, School of Medicine
Acting Instructor, Department of Comparative Medicine

Research: Inflammatory bowel disease. Colitis. Colon cancer. Mouse models. Vitamin D.

tyler fox.png

Tyler Fox, PhD
UW Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering

Research: Bacteria. Posthumanism, Relational ontology. Process philosophy.

william grady.png

William Grady, MD

Fred Hutch Member, Clinical Research Division
UW School of Medicine
Department of Medicine
Rodger C. Haggitt Professor, Division of Gastroenterology
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Medical Director, GI Cancer Prevention Program Clinic

Research: Gastrointestinal cancer. Genetic and epigenetic alterations. Cancer biomarkers. Hereditary cancer syndromes.


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