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CMiST aims to serve as a point of connection and communication between UW and affiliated clinicians and scientists. As the university's designated microbiome research center located in the Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, we are in an advantageous position to make significant advances in microbiome research, specifically the microbiome of the gut, that will ultimately help millions of people. But, we cannot go it alone. Understanding the complex community of the gut microbiome requires your support.

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There are several opportunities to support CMiST's educational outreach efforts within the UW microbiome community. These events (symposia, seminars, workshops, work-in-progress groups) are important for researchers to learn new methods and ideas, to engage in creative thinking, and to network with scientists and clinicians outside of our immediate circle at the UW. Our aim is to foster meaningful partnerships so that together we can advance microbiome research.

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Vivo Art

In addition to using bioart as a means to communicate with the public, it is our aim to use art to advance science. In fact, our cornerstone pipeline, “Isolation & Cultivation / Batch ID,” was developed and refined through collaboration with one of our artists. Using art allows us to think outside of the box and to create hypothesis-based questions or to find answers to questions in bio-medical research that have been otherwise unsolvable using traditional scientific processes.

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If you are interested in supporting CMiST and the work we do but, wish to speak in person or over the phone, please contact Amy Parker