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Whole U Talk Series with CMiST Director, Will DePaolo

  • University of Washington UW Medical Center, BB bldg, room TBD (map)

Will a fad diet effect your gut microbiome?

It feels as though each week the latest and greatest in diets hits the social media newsstand promising weight loss and other health and wellness advantages. These diets are usually characterized by highly restrictive and / or unusual food choices, often cutting out whole food groups. But, will a fad diet effect those trillions of microbes that reside in your gut? The short answer is yes. But how? And will adopting a fad diet, even if for short time, have lasting effects? Possibly detrimental effects? Associate Professor, Dr. Will DePaolo, director of the University of Washington’s new Center for Microbiome Sciences and Therapeutics (CMiST), will discuss the potential impact of fad diets on the gut microbiome and what you should be aware when you make dramatic changes to your daily nutrition.