Current Projects


Immunological & metabolic analysis of inflammatory bowel disease patients undergoing ileal resection

PIs: Scott Lee, William DePaolo
Funding: CMiST start-up funds, Cure for IBD

Functional analysis of commensals in patients undergoing colorectal cancer (CRC) screening & CRC biorepository

PIs: Cynthia Ko, William DePaolo
Funding: CMiST start-up funds

Immunopathophysiology of irritable bowel syndrome

PIs: Margaret Heitkemper, Jasmine Zia, William DePaolo
Funding: R01 (Heitkemper)

HIV-exposed microbiome impacts the severity of co-infections

PIs: Patricia Pavlinac, William DePaolo
Funding: R21, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (DePaolo & Pavlinac)

Inflammatory bowel disease
(CMiST Vivo Art)

PIs: William DePaolo
Funding: The Kenneth Rainin Foundation

 Heitkemper & DePaolo labs.

Heitkemper & DePaolo labs.