Center for Microbiome Sciences & Therapeutics, University of Washington

Bench to Bedside Initiative

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By inviting clinicians to join our lab, CMiST hopes to bridge the gap between clinicians and scientists and drive research forward.

As interest in the microbiome continues to grow combined with our understanding of its importance, it is clear that we are in the middle of a biomedical research revolution as both scientists and clinicians try to understand the complexities of the relationship between microbiota and human health and disease.  As part of our mission, we hope to lead this revolution at the UW by acting as a conduit to further increase the level of communication, collaboration, and compassion between scientists and clinicians. 


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The mission of our Bench to Bedside initiative is to mentor and guide clinical fellows and faculty and increase their understanding and appreciation for the applicability of traditional bench science, help them to ask the right questions and design sound and relevant projects to address current human diseases, further enhance their compassion for their patients by providing them with a more comprehensive picture of patient care, and impart a genuine enthusiasm and motivation to continue working alongside scientists as they advance in their medical careers.

We extend this invitation to any interested clinical fellows and faculty that have negotiated with division chiefs for allotted research time or have received fellowship support to do clinical or translational research.



  • Working knowledge of microbiology, immunology, and/or the microbiome

  • Develop a hypothesis that addresses a human disease and design a sound study to address it

  • Learn biological assays and be able to perform them independently

  • Effective presentation of results to an audience of all levels and backgrounds

  • Publication of a paper in a reputable scientific or medical journal


If you are interested, please complete the form below.