What types of samples can I send?
Fresh or frozen stool, tissue or body fluid (human or mouse) or food samples, which do not contain any category A infectious material.

What are category A organisms?
Category A organisms are those known to cause permanent disability, or life-threatening/fatal disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals. Organisms routinely present in human stool, tissue and body fluid are usually treated as Category B. 

How do I ship samples?
Samples should be shipped to CMiST Batch ID as category B biological substances.

Download shipping instructions (PDF).

How much sample should I send?
This depends on your sample type and can be advised during your initial consultation.  Our isolation methods are effective from as little as 20 mg of stool (about a teaspoon or the size of a grape).

What happens to any remaining sample after processing?
We cannot return you raw samples. If you require permanent stocks of your sample please aliquot them prior to shipping to the bacterial isolation core.

If you have other questions, please email us at info@cmistuw.org