Our Values

Think Deeply

Too often the road with the least resistance is taken, but true innovation means looking past the obvious and not accepting answers at face value. Being able to think deeply means being open to all possibilities, thinking outside of the box and understanding that defining the relationship between our cells and our microbes has far reaching consequences that impact global health.

Cultivate Relationships

Cures begin with passion, but not one person can do it alone. Opening up a dialogue between clinicians and scientists may seem like a no-brainer, but for two occupations working towards the same goal, sometimes it’s as if they are speaking different languages.  From our location on the UWMC campus and under the Department of Medicine, CMiST will provide a resource and a forum by which clinicians and scientists can share their work, their experiences and develop scientific relationships that will not only benefit one another, but also our patients.

Embrace Creativity

To create cutting-edge technologies, pioneer scientific breakthroughs and develop new lines of biotherapeutics creativity is key. CMiST will provide an environment where creativity and innovation thrive in order to inspire its members and educate the community.


Facilitate Discovery

In order to understand a complicated organ like the intestine and its microbial inhabitants a multidisciplinary team of investigators and cutting edge technologies is needed. CMiST will act as a catalyst to allow the exchange of ideas.